Redesigned “Project Page” and new features!

Hey Folks!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve introduced a bunch of new features including a redesigned project page, 2 new RSS feeds, a way to easily follow projects, and a cool way for project owners to update their supporters and followers.

Here is why we think each one of the features is cool:


We are always tweaking the design to try and clean it up and also get more out of it.  This time, because of all of our new features, we  had to do some major re-working to get everything to fit nicely.  We have also been doing some A/B testing to see what will benefit our project owners the most.  We think this new design is our best yet, and hope you like it!

Follow Projects!

Every project now has a “Follow This Project” link at the top right of the page (next to the Facebook “Like” button).  This is a cool way for people to sign up to get notifications via email about a project.  Of course, we allow you to pick and choose which events to notify you of via your Account Settings.

Project Updates!

Every project now has an “Updates” tab that lets the project owner update their followers and donors of anything project related.  It is a great way to keep audiences engaged in what is going on with the project.


Every project now has a “Feed” tab as well.  This tab lists every project related event, including when a project receives an investment, comment or update.  Pretty cool, huh?  Even cooler because of this:

2 new RSS feeds?!

We have also exposed RSS feeds for the project “Updates” tab and the “Feed” tab.  These RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to monitor and publish project events or updates outside of  There are a million and one uses for this, but most people will use it to post their project information to their blogs or websites.  If you’re not sure how to use RSS feeds yet, we promise that we’ll post some tutorials.  Let us know what you’re interested in doing, and we’ll help.

OMG!  I almost forgot.  We spent HOURS making this incredible video explaining this announcement!:

This is Change – A Guest Post by David Di Muro of Deadside

David Di Muro is a self taught film maker who resides in Sydney, Australia.  He has spent the last seven years writing, producing and directing.  His current project is Deadside.  The following is an email that David originally sent out to his followers.


The internet is democratising content creation. It is this change which will empower consumers by providing content at near zero cost.

Instead of big studios forcing consumers to pay money for DVDs, downloads, books, music etc. Consumers will directly support the artists through the use of social technology. The more fans a TV show has, the smaller the contribution required from each one to support the show, and for the show to be made – with artists receiving modest salaries.

This is not my opinion, this is the way of future distribution. Together with VODO we are part of this future. By removing the studio middle-men who absorb all the profits into their expensive sports cars, mansions and first class trips around the world; by ensuring that money given by fans to support a show goes directly to the artists who just want to do what they love and give their fans what they love; and by being part of that change – we send a message to all the studio to do the same.

Look at what happened to MGM Studios (remember the roaring lion logo at the start of movies?) – they went bankrupt. Look at what is happening to the music studios? They are fighting a never ending war against illegal music downloads. Likewise the film industry is fighting illegal movie downloads too. This happens because the price for music, films and even books is inflated. There are too many middle-men. The model is excessively capitalistic and there is resistance to this excess by consumers. Do I need to mention banks as well? You get the picture.

Direct support of artists is more affordable for consumers, there is less money “lost” along the way in the hands of middle-men, and it is a sustainable model that allows niche industries to flourish.

As progressive filmmakers we, SL8IT, have adopted this model of production.

We will be giving away our TV show for small donations to everyone in the world to copy, share and distribute anyway they want under a Creative Commons license.

The show will be produced to the highest standards and will be amazing. We are actually shooting a new mind-bending trailer to release in the new year to garner further support.

So we ask for your support in being part of this change. If you can donate money – then great. If you can’t, then spread the word. Copy this email and send it to friends.

Watch this short video that explains exactly what I am talking about, and remember, these guys produced their documentary in the same way we are producing our show. And as you can see they are also being distributed by VODO.

Why do you think we had a Global Financial Crisis? This is true across all industries and change is coming – even to government as explained in the documentary above.

Support us and support a more affordable future of television and film content. Visit the link below and donate whatever you can. Alternatively, spread the word – change comes with a change of attitude.

Thank you for reading this email. If you have any questions please contact me. I am more than happy to answer them.

David Di Muro
Director, SL8IT Productions

Help Graham’s Foundation honor Prematurity Awareness Month with micro-donations

Today marks the first day of Prematurity Awareness Month.  Grahams Foundation is an organization that helps the parents of Micro-Preemie babies by supporting them emotionally and by sending them care packages to the NICU.

A Micro-Preemie is defined as a baby that is under 1 3/4 pounds (between 700-800 grams) and is generally born before 26 weeks gestation, but most people prefer to loosen this term up to include any baby under 3 pounds (1500 grams) or under 29 weeks gestation.

Graham’s Foundation has launched an fundraising campaign asking for micro-donations to support the parents of micro-preemie babies.  Check it out and make sure to watch the VERY touching video.

Please consider donating, and help spread awareness by sharing their project with your friends and family.